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Best Clippers for shaving head? Standard clippers take forever before work?

Concern by : Finest Clippers for shaving head? Requirement clippers take forever previously work?
I shaved my head 2 weeks ago, and my girlfriend loves it. Any How. The only issue is I work early in the morning, around 9am, my girlfriend is a night bartender, so she does not leave till around 1am, and sleeps until about 11am. So Being that I have to awaken early, I have to shave my head myself. It’s really tough and time consuming. It takes me about half an hour making use of the clippers i simply brought from Target. I was wondering if anybody knew of an additional type, has a boyfriend or relative, that has a tool that works actually helpful for them. Something that works pretty quick !!! Thanks.

Finest answer:

Answer by Cheryl
new babyliss one lol its a circle and you just roll it round your head it looks totall cool lol, its avaiable in argos, tesco and anyother shops actually, its about 44.99 abit expensive
good luck
cheryl xx

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