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How to make a drink

How would I start this business?

Question by Paul: How would I start this business?
Okay, I know alot about wine. Before anyone starts off trying to be a hater, I’ve had the 1982 Mouton (several times)… The 64 Latour… 24 & 28 Lafitte. I know wine- more importantly I have a gift for educating people on wine. Both of my parents were teachers (go figure).
Here’s the deal: I can increase the sales of most restaurants if I can train their employees. I have done it before, but imformally. I tried to reach a Didtrict Manager of an upscale restaurant corp that I used to do this for, but he doesn’t work for them anymore- Hence, I cannot prove what I can do on paper or testimonial. But, if you talk to me I can sell you on me- or at least sell you wine.
I’m a bartender and a full-time student. I don’t have the time for agressive marketing. I think that I can get paid well AND provide local restaurants with tools that they never knew that they had. Its a win-win. But how do I do this?

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Answer by William C.
get customers first

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