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How to make a drink

Looking for some new cocktail recipes?

Question by tattoochic: Looking for some new cocktail recipes?
Every month my girlfriends and I take turns hosting ladies night in. This month is my month and I want to serve my gf’s something different. Does anyone have any cocktail recipes they want to share??
Kink-those all sound perfect! thanks
r martin-thanks for the site, it’s currently down put hopefully it’ll be up and running again soon
Corey- I must admit this one has me the most curious! ha ha thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by kinkdink

1 measure of gin
1 measure of tonic water
2 measures of club soda
some Kool-Aid Powder
fill with orange juice

Fuzzy Navel

1/2 Peach Schnappes
1/2 Orange Juice
(add “hair” with vodka) {<---Hairy Navel} Brass Monkey 1 measure of dark rum 1 measure of vodka 1 measure of orange juice Dragonfly 2 measures of dark rum 2 measures of cranberry juice 1 measure of pineapple juice Hurricane 1 measure of dark rum 1 measure of white rum 1 tbsp or Tbsp of lime juice fill with passionfruit juice

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  1. they got lots of recipes. i did a punch bowl for my ladies “nasty” party. it had champagne, vodka, mango juice, passion fruit juice, and guava juice. the girls really liked it. i think i got the idea for this on food tv giada italian cooking, persecco punch, or something like that

  2. porch crawl punch.
    10 beer (whatever works)
    one bottle of gin (i prefer beefeater’s)
    and a container of pink lemonade concentrate
    throw it all together and mix it gentle and refrigerate.
    tastes great and gets you f%^&ed up… 😉

  3. My favorite is red candy. It’s really sweet but great tasting:

    That website has a bunch of other good drinks as well. You could also individually seach what you can make based on what you have in your house:

  4. Jerry’s Apple

    2 measures sailor jerry’s spiced rum
    2 measures of apple sourz
    top off with lemonade.