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Q&A: I’m embarrassed to see my boyfriend because I was disgusting while drunk?

Concern by Emma Jane: I’m embarrassed to see my boyfriend because I was disturbing while drunk?
I really seldom beverage. I am incredibly light-weight. I am generally really responsible about what I drink and make sure to never ever get drunk. As a 22 year old, I have been drunk no even more than 10 times in my life.
Wellllllll … last night my boyfriend and I went out (we reside in L.a so shits always bumpin’) and I discovered Pinnacle Whipped Cream flavored vodka.
Overlooking the small tip of alcohol, I kept drinking. We know the bartender so he will simply keep pouring beverages with a good discount. I had A Lot to drink.

I tossed up in my boyfriends automobile (he wasn’t drunk.).
And then he informed me that he needed to hold me on the toilet while I peed (AND I ‘M ON MY PERIOD …).
And I apparently invested an hour sobbing to him.
I am definitely mortified. I am so disturbed with myself and this is why I don’t drink.
I realize that I am accountable for what occurred, but still … I am so earned out by my activities.

I went house when I woke up since he had left for work early, and it’s my time off and I had a consultation that late afternoon. He called me and informed me exactly what had taken place.
I apologized like insane, and these were his words.
“It’s truly great. I like you a lot and you shouldn’t be humiliated. It was my selection to stay with you. I pee too, and you never drink and I get that this was not your fault.”.
I know that must make me feel comfortable, however I’m still embarrassed. Many ladies would be like “oooh my boyfriend is so greatt ahhhhh”… But I’m not.

Anyhow, how should I conquer this humiliation? He’s truly a terrific man and I genuinely care about him and delight in being with him and would dislike to \*\*\*\* it up.
I take full duty for my actions and acknowledge that this was my fault.


Best answer:

Answer by dragon3025
It seems like he really does forgive you and loves you a lot and would not leave you over it. If I had a lady that I enjoyed deeply I would forgive her for it, and would feel awful if I left her over it, that’s probably how he feels.

It ‘d be impossible to not overcome shame and humiliation right away, however I make sure that the more your around him the quicker it’ll go way. As early as he get’s back, request for him to hold you and inform him how your sensation, and that your worried if he’s upset because you do not want to lose him, ask him how he’s feeling. Be honest and open with each other, communication is crucial.

And as for your wellness and drinking:.

You cannot ever before get drunk if you do not drink. I have actually never have actually gotten drunk before since I never consume that stuff due to the fact that of what it can do, you never understand when your first beverage will cause an additional after that then your judgement is blown away. If you do not wish to quit on alcohol, then I have no idea other technique besides trying not to review 1 drink.

Also, about being very lightweight, you have to put some weight on if that’s the case. Not just does it help your figure, however you’ll have more energy and more self-confidence in your life. Right here’s a weight examining website: use it to obtain between under and overweight.

If your light-weight due to the fact that you think you need to be thin to be appealing then do not, since it’s attractive when you look healthy, not underweight. Do not get me wrong though, I’m not stating you don’t look good, but it does assist when you look healthy, and your boyfriend undoubtedly thinks your gorgeous, but I stating this because you so you can be healthier which helps you live a happier life.

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One Comment

  1. More people mess things up when they hold onto a set of beliefs contrary to the evidence given. It would be different if you had said something like “I didn’t feel like I did anything bad but my boyfriend was upset about what happened.” Then your need to apologize after-the-fact would be appropriate. But you are doing the opposite: you are refusing to believe what your boyfriend has said and instead hold onto the idea that you did something so horrible that it goes beyond the pale.

    Some of this simply boils down to trust. You have to trust your boyfriend that he is being honest with you about his actual feelings. This notion that men and women have to be perfect in order to be loved is very destructive. Anyone can love a celebrity perfectly made-up and standing on the red carpet. It takes a real kind of love to see someone at their worst (or at their grossest, as you feel) and still realize that you’d rather be in that situation with them than anyone else.

    Also, this hyper-idea of responsibility and control sounds … unnatural. You don’t want your boyfriend to see you crying, you don’t want your boyfriend to see you puking, you don’t want your boyfriend to see you on your period (a bit gross, but it goes with the territory.) The very things a relationship is based on are the intimate parameters that the other person is REQUIRED to see in order to test the relationship. And spending an hour crying suggests one reason why you got so drunk in the first place. Alcohol tends to reveal a person’s character. Mean people get meaner when they drink, unhappy people get really unhappy when they drink. Holding all of those emotions in suggests a struggle that the drinking actually helped to release. In other words, at a certain point, you were so out of control that all of that deep turmoil was allowed to come to the surface and express itself, which is really why you are so mortified.

    And its normal to feel mortified, to feel vulnerable when we reveal too much, but that’s the root of all relationships, especially romantic ones. Sex is such a metaphor for romantic relationships because getting naked physically for the act is really just a metaphor for the need to be naked emotionally and psychologically. You can’t take your clothes off but keep your emotional clothes on in order to sustain a relationship. And the response you get when you do reveal yourself tells you alot about the kind of relationship that you have. Would you rather have your boyfriend tell you how disgusting he thinks you are; I don’t think so. That kind of deep need to avoid embarrassment almost always comes from someone else, but trying to delve further psychologically isn’t the point of this answer.

    Bottom line: your embarrassment is greater than any actual damage you might have caused to your relationship. However, if you continue to insist on being embarrassed, you can create a situation where it does damage the relationship simply because you will undermine your boyfriend’s feelings by creating doubt where there is none. Tell him how deeply and utterly embarrassed you feel and how scared you are that it put your relationship in jeopardy. Use this moment to talk about the fear of rejection that’s really at the heart of this problem. When your boyfriend understands that, then he can work to show you that he isn’t pretending to accept you, he actually is.