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How to make a drink

Q&A: Liquors and Cocktails?

Question by zoralink3: Alcohols and Cocktails?
I’m relocating into a brand-new apartment in the fall and my roommate and I have a place for a bar. I’m new to the world of alcohol and I require some info. Exactly what are middle-to-high-end brand names of liqor? Vodka, rum, whiskey, etc. Listing your favorite brands of booze along with your favored cocktials/drinks. I’m open to primarily anything – like I said, I’m new to this. I’m not a fan of beer or wine, but my roomie is. Thanks so much!

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Response by Tina
Hypnotic- girl or guy drink fairly strong great mixer. Cocktail- Increadible hulk
Hennesy- lady or man drink strong Hennsey and coke
Rum- hassle-free Pina Colada
Sengapors Tequilla- strong Margaritas, tequilla slammers, jello shots
Gin- strong Martini

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  1. Welcome to the exciting world of a home bar. You can spend almost nothing or you can spend thousands – limited only by your imagination, space and budget.

    A trap that a lot of home bars fall into (and I am certainly guilty of this) is trying to prepare for every scenario. Oh no, I don’t have any Galliano, what am I going to do if I need to make a Harvey Wallbanger??! And it was really bad for me because I was a bartender. So really try to think about what you and your friends typically drink, what you might want to branch out into to expand your usual habits and go from there.

    Let’s hit the basics first; the base spirits. Here is what I would do for a mid-high selection:

    1. American whiskey: A bourbon or Jack Daniels. I’d go with Even William’s Black Label myself.
    2. Irish Whiskey: optional really, Bushmills or Jameson.
    3. Scotch whiskey: again optional, because you’ll have to spend $ 50 for a good single malt – save that for yourself. If you want to pick up a Johnny Walker Red for mixed drinks, fine.
    4. Vodka – I like Stoli. It’s a great basic vodka, very affordable
    5. Gin – Plymouth is my favorite, the Bombay Sapphire bottle is pretty, but it’s hard to beat Beefeater for a price/performance contender
    6. Light Rum. Bacardi. There’s no real competition here.
    7. Dark Rum – Myer’s
    8. Tequila – Just look for a 100% agave reposado around the $ 30, I like Lunazul a lot.

    Cordials and Liqueurs:
    1. Kahlua
    2. Grand Marnier or Triple Sec if you’re going cheap.
    3. Drambuie
    4. Creme de Cacao (light)
    5. Bailey’s Irish Cream

    Tonic water
    Ginger ale
    Sprite or 7-Up
    Fruit juices (orange, cranberry, maybe grapefruit)
    Tomato juice

    Bitters, Worcestershire sauce, maraschino cherries.

    You’re going to want to get some bar tools, a cocktail shaker or 2, a strainer, spoons, a cutting board and knife for garnishes. An ice bucket, and of course glassware.