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Q&A: Looking for a frozen lemonade cocktail recipe?

Concern by Cmiddl01: Trying to find a frozen lemonade cocktail dish?
I’m trying to find a suitable frozen lemonade cocktail dish making use of frozen lemonade concentrate and some type of liquor. I’m not whether rum or vodka would be better. Any dish suggestions?

Important response:

Response by Grover The Failure
1 cup vodka
6 cups of ice
6-8 hulled strawberries
1 can of frozen lemonade
Mix well in blender or food processor and serve.

The above looks after your red version. For blue, switch out the vodka and use blue curacao, and for the white, exclude the strawberries.

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One Comment

  1. Vodka would be better, maybe even tequila. Try making the lemonade, pour it in your glass, then add as much vodka as you like. Add crushed ice if you want it more frozen.