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Q&A: Objectifying women. Any Thoughts?

Question by temerson: Objectifying women. Any Thoughts?
My Ex-wife found drawings of naked women under my twelve year old sons bed and sat him down to talk with him about the evils of objectifying women which obviously embarrassed him. It is commonly believed that women are the victims in this kind of behavior and I myself believed that until just recently. This incident prodded me to look closer. My ex is a bartender and dresses in a way that encourages better tipping. Women on TV sell every kind of product that men are interested in from motor sports to power tools. It has been my observation from personal and shared experiences that attractive women are far less likely to get traffic tickets. And in daily life aren’t men prone to carry heavy loads or open doors for women? Pick up the check more frequently? These kinds of examples are endless. Don’t misunderstand I am not condoning this only trying to make the point women at least benefit in a small way from this injustice and the real victim is the twelve year old boy that has been taught since birth to objectify women and simultaneously chastised for it. Comments??

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Answer by JenJen
I think it is very normal for a twelve year old boy to have naked drawings. I would only worry if they are violent images. Women are in fact victims at times of objectification. In this case I doubt your son even fully understands any of this. She should cut him some slack. They are drawings not porno movies or magazines for crying out loud.

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  1. Your wife is a hypocrite! But its ok, most women don’t realise this.

    Women perpetuate the objectivisation then compalain about it, yes, but some of us want nothing to do with it.

    There are big drawbacks for a woman who realise this and refuse to use their bodies to get attention. I had an employment agency threaten to cancel my job interview with their client unless I agreed to wear high heels.

  2. all of us are a collection of assets and liabilities. including our bodies. this only bothers me when I hear anyone who is using any of their assets to great advantage gripe about it. this could be anything from a trust fund to athletic ability to simply “big objects”

  3. We are drowning in sexual images! Have you watched the finance channel? It is difficult to find a news report that isn’t showing alluring women strutting their “stuff”. Women showing cleavage or with their thighs exposed up to almost their waist! What ever happened to women being respected for their minds?
    Our children do need to be reminded that humans (men and women) are not sexual or any other kind of “object”. Women need to be reminded that if they portray themselves as such they can expect to pay the price. Men need to be reminded that they will too. All of our relationships are diminished and cheapened when we “objectify”. Note: Children also need to be taught to be on guard for those who will objectify them. BTW All those TV commercials are pulling out the stops to lure us to give them our money. I make a point to NOT buy their products. If everyone did that and let them know they would stop it.

  4. Being a woman, I can see why she wanted him to know this. I would never have done that to my 2 sons, as it is very wrong.
    It is wrong,
    because it is Their little sex lives and not her big sex life. Unless they are being sexually abused, in which case parents get involved in a hurry,
    It is wrong also, because it is actually sexual abuse to pry into other’s sex lives. We should not question, “where were you? who with? what were you doing? did you kiss? are you having sex???” This is none of our business.
    But the mother is a woman, and wants her son to know women are not sex toys.
    but ,
    when it comes time to have sex, how does a man think of his lady? Does he go through this chain of thought first? ” gosh, i am NOT having sex with this woman, because she is a sex toy, no, I am having sex with this woman because she is a smart, loving, intelligent, fun person!”
    you are correct, the real “victim” is the 12 year old boy, who has no defense against a big human lady with her own ideas about sex.
    Tell the ex to lay off , and counter the thing by explaining to your son that women are HAWT, and it is only natural to want to gaze upon their fine blessings….and that anything else is none of YOUR business, as a parent. and none of MOM’s business, either. Explain that you are both here if he should ever be sexually molested, heaven forbid, but other than that, his mom should have respected his privacy.

  5. Some women seem to like to make men think with their (you know whats) so that they can take advantage of a situation. Suddenly men feel duped by it, and think all women are this way. It’s really lame how much attention men give these women and later complain about it.
    About your son, I don’t think it’s a problem, if he’s trying to be an artist and not drawing them in violent scenarios then whatever, he’s just becoming interested in the biology of the opposite sex.

  6. Give me a break young boys are interested in women, that’s it.He’s a twelve year old boy, he’s curious. What’s wrong with a man adoring a woman? Women want to be men until they have to work like them. The twelve year old boy is nothing more than a young boy exploring new things. This political correct bullshit is crazy. And to embarrass him about this is so wrong!. As a parent of twin boys I would never stoop so low as to make them feel ashamed about something like seeing a woman’s body. And your ex-wife is quite the hypocrite, she wants the money yet doesn’t want to be viewed as an object, you can’t have it both ways.