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How to make a drink

Q&A: What are best cocktails recipes you know?

Old Fashioned made w / @ BolsGenever a la Damian. # RogerRoom He thinks Genever is better w / dark spirit cocktail recipes
Good Cocktail Recipe
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Concern by Shirley: What are most effectively cocktails recipes you understand?
Tommorrow i planning for a charming candle light dinner with my husband. He enjoys to consume cocktails … We have vodka, wine, blue label, beer, rum in the home however i wish to do some good mixes however clueless as to how do i do it ???? Since i have no idea much about it … could you please provide me some important cocktail dishes … Says thanks to a ton!

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Answer by D. markle

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  1. ANY kind of fruits you like it will be fantastic cocktails.

  2. Vodka, cold coffee and hazelnut creamer and make sure you fill the glass with ice.