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Q&A: what are some good metal songs?

Question by D3V1N: what are some good metal songs?
not hard core, more like nu metal(korn, linkin park), and alternative metal

Best answer:

Answer by SLOTH B!TCHH
alice in chains – them bones
guns n roses – my michelle
stone sour – orchids
alexisonfire – young cardinals
36 crazyfists – i’ll go until my heart stops

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  1. Twisted Sister
    Guns N Roses
    Judas Priest
    Motley Crue
    Blind Guardian
    Iron Maiden
    Sweet (the world’s first hair metal band)

  2. KoRn – Falling Away From Me.

  3. hed pe-killing time
    hed pe-bartender
    fear factory-linchpin
    fear factory-replica
    spineshank-new disease
    deftones-my own summer
    deftones-back to school
    slipknot-wait and bleed
    slipknot-left behind
    stonesour-get inside
    incubus-a cetain shade of green
    incubus-pardon me
    coal chamber-loco
    coal chamber-faint
    system of a down-aerials
    system of a down-toxicity
    american headcharge-just so u know
    american headcharge-loyalty
    kid rock-american badass
    kid rock-ba witdaba
    marilyn manson-rock is dead
    marilyn manson-the dope show
    papa roach-last resort
    papa roach -between angels and insects
    limp bizkit-nookie
    limp bizkit-breakstuff
    mudvayne-death blooms
    rage against the machine-killing in the name
    rage against the machine-wake up
    36 crazyfists-slit wrist theory
    ill nino-how can i live
    faith no more-we care alot
    faith no more-epic
    hollywood undead-young
    hollywood undead-undead
    static x-black and white
    xecutioners-its going down
    mushroomhead-solataire unravelling
    murderdolls-dead in hollywood
    hoobstank-crawling in the dark
    hoobstank-out of control

  4. Counterfeit Limp Bizkit
    Sour Limp Bizkit
    Leech Limp Bizkit
    Stalemate Limp Bizkit
    Get Some Snot

  5. try some proto-metal instead, kid.

  6. System Of A Down (best nu metal band ever!)
    Serj Tankian (Singer of SOAD)
    Scars On Broadway (guitarist and drummer from SOAD)
    Static-X (more industrial than nu metal)
    Demon Hunter (Heavier but still great)