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Q&A: What do you think of an alcoholic beverage delivery system?

Question by Robert T: What do you think of an alcoholic beverage distribution system?
I was at a party last night and everybody was intoxicated. We lacked liquor and were destined to get some more. One trouble, none of us were sober.

What do you think about a liquor distribution system? A system in which someone would bring alcohol to you?

As you may think of, there would be charges included.
Of course there would be the issue with claims and such … Right here’s my option.

(1) Request for ID from buyer.
(2) Have them sign launch kind mentioning anything that happens is his/her responsibility which everybody consuming is of legal age.

I think those are the only things that would protect me.

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Answer by Woman J
fees and suits … however you can dream:)

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  1. the only problem with that is the legal part you would have to make sure that everyone in the house was of legal age or you could face charges for selling to a minor and stuff like that.
    but if you could figure that part out its a great idea.

  2. Great alternative to drunk driving.

  3. they have them already, they are called bootleggers where i come from.

  4. Lol they have one in my city, problem is they close at 8pm…

    It’s awesome, but hella expensive…