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Q&A: World of Warcraft help?

Concern by Riku K: World of Warcraft help?
I require assist with world of warcraft referred to as wow
I was enjoying a few youtube videos on wow and i always see
that their character always has an additional action device bar
on top of the orginal tool bar.
He doesn”t should scroll with all his spells and attaks. they are constantly ahead and i need this for better gameplay.
How can i get this?
Is it a addon if it it what addon?
How do i utilize it? If demand more deatail e-mail me.
Thank you for your time.

Finest answer:

Answer by John S.
It’s most likely an addon, theres also extra bars constructed in by blizz, you can toggle in the interface menu.

My reccomended hotbar addon is Bongos2 avalible at

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One Comment

  1. Any addons or “mods” will allow you to move your bars around freely. I personally use Bongos 3, but Bongos 2, Bartender, and FlexBar also work well. Go to a website such as or and look under their addon sections for interface mods. Many of these can be very helpful, and it is often neccesary to be able to keybind abilities to these different bars in order to do well in PvP and raiding.