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How to make a drink

this is a great joke for the ladies and the men too!!! ♥?

Concern by † ΪċКĿěď pїиК ¡ ň L ♥ νέ w ¡ Ťĥ ☆ Mα † † ☆: this is a terrific joke for the ladies and the men too !!! ♥?
Alright below we go … by the method men, never ever underestimate a women !! ♥

Guys were relaxing a bar talking about things they bet on. A lady down at the end of bench says, “I wager on things!”.

The bartender says, “Oh Yeah! What do you bet on?”.

Female, “Most anything.”.

Bartender, “Like what for circumstances?”.

Woman, “See that wall over there? I wager I can pee higher on that wall than you can!”.

Bartender, (Thinks about this for a minute) “I’ll take that bet! How much do you want to bet?”.

Woman, “You call your poison.”.

Bartender, “I’ll wager you a thousand dollars.”.

Woman, “Ok!”.

Bartender, “Ladies first.”.

Lady, Locates her outfit, pulls down her panties, leans back and pees.

“Your turn,” she responds.

Bartender, Unzips his trousers gets his sure tool out; prepares to pee.

Female, “Hey … NO HANDS!”.

\*\*\* STAR if you adored it !! haha !!

thanks everyone !!! =) have an excellent day !!! ohhh and happy hump day !!! (Wednesday lol) ♥.

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Answer by The Great Gazoo
That was pretty comical particularly if you made it up your self have a star for you efforts

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  1. that was stupid

  2. lmao

  3. too flippin funny.gotta tell someone.

  4. happy hump day to u too!!
    this was great!!

  5. Haha! xD
    This one was good! xD

  6. excellent one!star for you!

  7. I don’t even get it… what’s so funny about “No hands” ?

  8. great very funny here is a star

  9. that was soo good.
    did u make it up yourself

  10. interesting lol

  11. no hands wasn’t in the initial bet, so he’s off the hook

  12. heheheheheheheheh good one!!have a star

  13. no hands lol that is funny

  14. lol that was pretty good I like that one