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How to make a drink

What alcoholic beverage or liquor gets you drunk the fastest?

Question by Amy B: Exactly what liquor or liquor gets you drunk the fastest?
Also what alcoholic drink or liquor gets your blood alcohol level up the fastest?

Finest answer:

Response by Gregory
Juicy juice generally works for me. im a maniacal drunkard in just 2- 3 minutes

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  2. The highest proof liquor.

  3. personally id say dry gin, it always facks me up pretty fast and i think it taste better than vodka! but many would say tequila, i really have never tried it though since i heard it makes you a totally different person but not in a good way like other alcohol.

  4. they say that absinthe is the the drink with the highest alcohol content
    in the uk i believe its something like 45%
    but if you buy it from foreign countries its can be up to 75%

  5. Everclear. It’s grain alcohol with the highest alcohol content you can get. Good luck with your hangovers.

  6. Well high proof liquors-
    Bacardi 151 is the highest i can think of. (151 proof!)

    jagermeister (70 proof i believe)
    Most vodkas and rums are 80 proof

  7. one shot of grandmarnier will get you buzzed faster than a fruity chilled shot.

  8. Higher concentrations of alcohol will get you drunk the fastest because there is little other liquid to get in the way of absorption.

    Kids will tell you “jello shots”, or recommend various juice-flavored drinks, but this is just so you can drink vodka without tasting the alcohol, and the extra solids and liquids will slow down the rate of absorption. Moreover, these things risk you getting more drunk than you are immediately aware, because the highly diluted alcohol will not effect you immediately.

    Whiskey, scotch, and straight vodka all have a very high proof.

    However, I hope that you’re asking out of curiosity and not seeking a recommendation, because getting drunk quickly is an easy way to end up doing something stupid.

  9. This sounds like a cry for help

  10. Everclear does. It’s 191 proof. Of course, it’s also incredibly dangerous.

  11. Triple Sec got me drunk pretty fast

  12. cheap wine or chocolate liqueur

  13. Hi

    Everclear-190proof or just drink normal spirit which is 200proof(I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS ITS VERY DANGEROUS FOR THE HEALTH AND CAN CAUSE DEATH)

    I’m posting this just for general knowledge.