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How to make a drink

What common alcoholic beverage gets you drunk the fastest?

Question by : What usual liquor gets you drunk the fastest?
If I consume 5/6th bottle of wine in about 2 hours I can get drunk. So with that in mind, what is a typical alcoholic refreshment (Jack Daniels, you understand, all the huge brand names) that you consume to get drunk. Im speaking about the one with the least quantity of shots it will take. I just turned 21 and I wanna know for future reference.

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Response by Hall of Skulls
Jack Daniels or Vodka. I can manage my beer simply high quality.

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  1. Drinking just to get drunk is not a good idea, I know.

  2. Vodka and sourz probally but I have a friend who could last all night but a j├Ągerbomb and he’s gone, it’s all about how your body reacts. But why would you want to get drunk? Its fun at first but Waking up to think its a good night but then getting told something you did that you can’t remember and can’t believe to be true isn’t do fun:/

  3. For me, straight up Smirnoff or some Bacardi does the job pretty well. Be safe though

  4. Everclear

  5. tequilla

  6. This depends entirely on the speed at which you ingest said alcohol. 1 Beer = 1 shot = 1 glass of wine.

    The only difference is that you can drink 3 shots of liquor a lot faster than 3 beers or 3 wines.
    As for types of liquor, generally the ones with the strongest alc.% will get you drunk faster.
    But different types of liquor affect people differently. I know a lot of people who are fine with vodka and rye but give them whiskey and they’ll punch you in the face. Tequila makes people take their pants off.

    Drinks that mix liquor with liquor hit people fast, like martinis or black russians.