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How to make a drink

What is the best alcoholic beverage for a college girl?

No liquors?
Good Alcoholic Beverage
Image by cizauskas
Regardless of the indicator, a stunning autumn Sunday WITH beer.

The ‘fall’ edition of the Northern Virginia Brewfest, held at Bull Run Regional park, 24/25 October 2009.

Gusty winds, rain squalls, chillier temps in the later afternoon kept attendance low on Sunday.

On Sunday, a much better day for beer: bright autumn sunshine and cool temperature levels (and ankle-deep mud).

Pictures by Yours For Excellent Fermentables. com.

Concern by binxcas89: What is the very best liquor for an university lady?
i’m moving into my apartment tomorrow and i desire to load up on the liquor tonight. what is the best mixed beverage or just alcoholic drink for an university lady besides beer?

Important answer:

Response by todd __
I think zima is truly great. It’s like an alcohol kind soft drink.

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  1. mixed drink= COSMO

  2. yaiger bombs!!!! there the best! its jagermeister and redbull

  3. Long island ice tea………..7 kinds of booze and tastes like lemon tea.

  4. Vodka….

  5. Congrats on the move > but us telling you what’s the best alcohol beverage, would be like suggesting who’d be your best friend.

    It really depends on your palate, & price range. For example, if you’d like sweet drinks, then anything mixed with soda pop or fruit syrups would be good >daiquiris, rum & coke, vodka & oj, margaritas, gin & Squirt, etc.

    If you’d prefer less sweet, wines come in a variety of tastes, soda with whiskey or gin, martinis, manhattans. etc.

    Best would be to visit your neighborhood purveyor of drinks & ask the bartender what’s good based on your tastes.


  6. Hi

    Smirnoff ice cocktails or KGB cocktails( which is 5% of alcohol which is 10proof and its taste very nice you don’t even notice its alcohol 😉 )