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How to make a drink

What is the strongest alcoholic beverage?

Akron, OH 165
Good Alcoholic Beverage
Image by steve loya
I can’t bear in mind the name of the beverage I had, but it had cucumber, ginger and possibly some vodka. Whatever the case, it was way too excellent and I completed it way prematurely! This drink was consumed at Chrissie Hynde’s excellent vegan dining establishment, The Vegiterranean, found at Akron’s Northside Lofts district.


Concern by masterclass: Exactly what is the toughest liquor?
Exactly what is the greatest alcoholic refreshment that is easy to discover in uk/ireland?

Important answer:

Answer by Wilhelm V
I don’t think you get Everclear or Spyritus in the UK, so it’s Absinthe … but that’s still tough to find.

The simplest strong beverage to get is gin, tanqueray export strength is 47 % and is discovered pretty much all over but it diminishes in comparison of strength to everclear (94 %) Spyritus (95 %) and Absinthe (90 %)

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  1. Everclear