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Which alcoholic beverage is the most noble?

Question by Jocke: Which liquor is the most honorable?
Which alcoholic beverage is the most honorable? Is it red wine? Is it whisky? It isn’t beer, right?

Important answer:

Answer by amyohamy
its everything about the whiskey

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  1. The older gentlemen all seem to drink whiskey. Usually a scotch with a splash of water or just straight up.

  2. scotch whiskey.

  3. WTF does “noble” mean? If I had to guess I’d say some ancient cognac

  4. I would argue that it most definitely IS beer. Beer… Real beer… Not American Macro brewed rice crap like Bud… has a wonderful and glorious history and here are just a few highlights:

    1. 8,000 – 10,000 years ago the discovery of beer in the middle east prompts nomads to settle down and start cultivating grain and fruit for beer. Creating society as we know it.

    2. The “slaves” that built the pyramids of Egypt were not traditional slaves as we think them to be. They were actually handsomely paid… With beer. In fact beer was so highly regarded at the time recipes for the best brews are still inscribed onto the sides of the tombs.

    3. During the middle ages, plagues were killing of people in the tens of millions. With water sources being a main source for the spread of disease low alcohol content beer that was consumed regularly throughout the day at the time… Help prevent the destruction of the human race.

    4. Benjamin Franklin, founding father of America is quoted as saying:

    “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    5. During the American Civil War with governments unable to pay troops for service what did they give them instead? Coffee.. Whiskey and yes beer.

    6. Today, beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet. Out side the US, beer is widely respected for its quality and health benefits. Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter, the world leading expert on beer considered it as a component of culture and described beers in their cultural context.

    These are just a few highlights. Below I’ve provided a few links. I encourage you to do some reading before so harshly judging beer.

    Thank you,

  5. none

  6. Samuel Adams. It’s all over the news that it’s the most noble.

    Actually it doesn’t really matter because if you drink enough you won’t even be able to pronounce “noble”.

  7. Some say it’s wine, some that whiskey. I think it is wine. The oldest and the most noble of all drinks. Even the Roman emperors and Greek gods were drinking wine:))

  8. Mayor Adam West got it head on, once again. I completely support that argument that Beer is the most Noble of all the beverages!
    The entire creation of civilization is a result of the discovery of beer!
    Beer created countries!
    Beer was heralded by the royal courts of every great kingdom in every corner of the globe!
    And, the oldest known alcoholic beverage is a variation of BEER! Not wine. Beer!