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Why are some ppl just a glutton for punishment?

Question by Jennifer: Why are some ppl just a glutton for punishment?
I will never understand why ppl keep going back or harbor some sort of feelings for ppl that treat them like crap. For instance, I have this friend whose been seeing this guy for a little over 3 years. He’s a complete tool…for one he’s married and he’s been dragging his divorce threw the courts for almost 3 years. He’s with some other chick openly that my friend knows about…and his wife knows about!, but she still gets pissed when he blows her off (basically she’s his booty call) I mean seriously this goes beyond the “forbidden friut”. NOt to mention she gets number from other guys and is always comparing them to this complete loser of an @sshole. I give advice and then she gets mad when I talk up these other guys who are nice, funny have a real job (this dude is a 45 y/o bartender in a dive bar…really?)

Sorry I just don’t get this mentality. I suppose it’s low self esteem or something. But wow..and this dude ain’t even that great looking. The only thing he has going for he plays in a fairly popular local band. Seriously, doesn’t this dude sound like a complete loser? Well that’s b/c he is. I just don’t get it and probably never will.
well if being in love means being treated like crap…well then i suppose i will never be in love. i personally i have way too much respect and love for myself to ever allow anyone to treat me so poorly. as i said before you must hate yourself to allow someone who you “love” and is suppose to love and care about you treat you with such little respect.

that’s not love.

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Answer by J.D.KING
you don’t get it and never will get it because you don’t know what been in love with someone means, once you fall in love you will understand, been in love makes you blind to many things your partner is doing wrongly, if you truely love someone you wont see defects but perfectness in the person

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