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Would this be a good birthday gift for my wife?

Concern by 1970s Bill Murray: Would this be a great birthday gift for my wife?
My spouse was just recently release from a floral store. She is currently a bartender in downtown DC. She seems happy, but I can inform she truly misses out on flower arrangements as well as the business side of it.

My idea was to have actually a website made for her, make a logo/business card/letterhead/etc. and purchase all the required devices needed for flower plan and even gardening if required (though we stay in a studio apartment in DC, so the gardening would need to be done elsewhere if she insisted on doing that).

She is effing talented with it and knows a lot about color, aircraft, volume, shape, unfavorable space, etc. and so on. I have no doubt she ‘d do a terrific job. Also, she speaks Spanish fluently and we stay in a primarily spanish section of the city which I’m sure would work well for her.

Does this look like a great present or should I simply scrap this concept and go directly to the precious jewelry?

Finest response:

Answer by perlashka
I think that is a great concept, but if you include precious jewelry that will be ideal. She has to get something genuine.

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  1. That is so thoughtful and special. Do both.
    She’s really lucky to have you.

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