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How to make a drink

Bartending as a career

Bartending offers an exciting career in some of bar store. Here bartending supplies and other the hottest restaurants and night clubs in a local items can be purchased. Products range from bar area. Movies like “Cocktail” and “Coyote Ugly” necessities to flare pieces sure to start up a have rocketed bartending as a career choice to conversation. new levels. These movies glorify the life of a Bartender salaries vary according to geographical bartender as non stop action. The scenery location. Typically, a bartender can make between changes every night. The hours are long but the $100 – $300 a night from wages and tips. A shift rewards are endless. Bartenders are typically is usually eight to ten hours in length. This will vary thought of as the “go to” person in the room. depending on the type of establishment a This is the
person everyone wants to tell their bartender is working for. Many restaurants and problems too. Where do bartenders go to talk hospitality establishments will provide the about their problems? bartender with full time benefits such as health A website like bartending dot com is a good start. insurance. Those choosing to work for major This website is an online community for hotel or airline chains may receive additional perks. bartenders. A popular area of this website is the This can include reduced room and air fare rates. bartender’s forum. Here bartenders from around The demand for bartenders is always high. This is the country can log on and share thoughts, vent due to bars always being full and in need of frustrations or ask questions from others in their someone tending to the bar. A career in career field. This gives bartenders a place to relax Bartending is ideal because there are many and unwind after a crazy shift behind the environmental options to suite a personality type. bar.Another feature of this website is the virtual This is a rare find for any other professional field.