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How to make a drink

How do I drink a shot of tequila?

A shot of tequila with salted rim and lime.
There are several ways to take pleasure in tequila as a shot, and they exist here without extreme commentary (although don’t hesitate to comment, dear reader).

drink a shot of tequila“Lick, Sip, Suck” (also known as “Training Wheels”).

The most usual method to shoot tequila in the United States is commonly described as the “Lick, Sip, Suck” method:.

A shot of tequila is served with salt and a lime wedge (“training wheels”).
Lick a small area on the side of your hand in the area between your thumb and index finger.
Put a little bit of salt in the area. (The saliva helps the salt adhere to your skin.).
Utilizing the very same hand, get a lime wedge and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. You will be drawing the juice from the lime, so make certain the juice side is dealing with outward.
Using the opposite hand, get a shot of tequila.
Lick the salt off your hand, drink the entire shot of tequila, and suck the juice out of the lime.
Some establishments could rim the shot glass with salt so you do not have to lick your hand.


Tequila can likewise be delighted in as a shot by drinking it – or gulping it – “neat” (without accompaniment). Lots of tequila bars will immediately serve it cool unless you will certainly ask for a lime and salt.

Sangrita. In Mexico, and at some tequila bars, tequila is enjoyed with a beverage called “sangrita.” Sangrita is a juice blend of tomatoes, orange juice, fresh lime juice, onions, salt and hot chili peppers. A sip of tequila is “chased after,” or followed, by a sip of sangrita.

Cooled or over ice.

Some prefer their tequila cold, and there are two options.

Pour 1 oz of tequila into a shaker fulled of a few ice cubes. Shake and pressure into a shot glass and delight in.
Pour 1oz of tequila in a rocks glass with a few ice cubes. Enjoy and drink.
Both approaches will certainly include water and somewhat dilute the tequila.

Body shot.

A body shot requires a partner. This person should be an eager participant.

Your partner holds a lime wedge between his or her teeth, with the juice side facing outward.
Pour salt on an exposed part of your partner’s body (in public this is often done on the tummy, neck, chest, etc.).
Lick the salt off the body part, shoot the tequila, then suck the lime from your partner’s mouth.
There are other methods of doing a body shot (google it, or use your imagination).

Flavored shots.

Tequila is commonly made use of to blend cocktails, and the same holds true for shots. Shots can be found in all tastes, from raunchy to sweet to velvety to tart. Some are best drunk and some are best when gulped. You can usually determine between sip vs. shoot from the name alone!

Tequila can also be enjoyed as a shot by drinking it – or gulping it – “neat” (without accompaniment). Many tequila bars will instantly serve it cool unless you will ask for a lime and salt. A snifter, for example, is created for optimal drinking experience, and permits you to appreciate the tequila’s fragrance, color, and so on


A sip of tequila is “chased,” or followed, by a sip of sangrita.

Tequila is commonly utilized to blend cocktails, and the same is true for shots.