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How do you lighten up the alcohol of cocktails and retain the flavor?

Concern by Missy K: How do you lighten up the liquor of cocktails and keep the taste?
Most of the cocktail recipes I have actually seen have a lot liquor in it that I do not taste much besides the alcohol. For instance the cocktail dishes I have actually followed with Cointreau in them barely have hints of the orange because of all the alcohol. Would it be better to increase up on the juice in a few of these beverages or what would be a great way to draw out each individual product’s taste?

Best response:

Response by Devin
Of course you can constantly just double up on juice, that will work fine. An issue with that is then you have to consume twice as much to get the exact same buzz.

I’ve found the very best means of not tasting the liquor and still having a lot in it is too get seasoned alcohol. An outstanding combination is Root Beer flavored 3 olives vodka mixed with root beer, it tastes much like root beer. Or bernetts cherry vodka with coke taste like cherry coke. You could attempt something like whiskey sours. The sour taste is always so strong and subduing you can’t taste the liquor. But the sour burns your throat after a while.

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  1. i prefer mixing alcohol with coke or 7up, instead of juices