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How to make a drink

Q&A: Your favorite drinks and drink recipes?

Concern by : Your preferred beverages and drink dishes?
I have always stuck with the regular and the basic drinks and blended beverages. Well now I desire to try various things so I’m trying to find some interesting things to attempt. So please post your favorite beverages and consume recipes right here for me to try. Thanks.
Alcohols please.

Best response:

Response by Treakle Marie
jelly bean cocktail

20ml of ouzo
20ml of vodka
Granidine – discovered in ur liquor shop

Pour 20ml of ouzo in, then 20ml of vodka, pour about 10 mls of grandine in and top up with lemonade, for a red jelly bean taste.

For a black jelly bean taste use coke insted of lemonade

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