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How to make a drink

What alcoholic beverage can I consume and still diet?What alcoholic beverage has no calories?

Concern by Candice: Exactly what alcoholic refreshment can I eat and still diet? What liquor has no calories?
I am twenty one but I have actually gotten weight siginificantly in the last two years, I enjoy to exercise but I have to get my eating (and exactly what I consume) under control. The only aspect of this is I like to go out with my pals on weekends and beverage, I do not eat any fatty foods while out however I believe the drinking is still having a huge result on my weight. What alcoholic refreshment can I consume that does not include numerous calories and still continue with weight loss?
FYI Im not keen on dark soda (if any at all) I would normally blend with tea, sprite, or my ultimate fav cranberry juice

Best response:

Answer by Elle J Morgan
vodka and diet plan coke is the very best 50 cals

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  1. king kobra beer

  2. Sorry. Alcohol itself is a fuel. It packs a lot of calories.
    That said, beer and ale, (probably your favorites), also contain a
    whole lot of soluble, high calorie carbohydrates, (starch, malt sugars, etc.).
    If you MUST drink, try nursing a bourbon and water instead.
    DO watch your total alcohol consumption though.
    Theres a lot more alcohol per drink in that recommendation.

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